What is UNR Token? Introducing Unirealchain Ecosystem

Unirealchain ecosystem includes products applying blockchain technology: UnirealEx, UnirealWallet, Decentralized NFT Marketplace, UniPortal providing investors with the best solutions and investment opportunities.

Unirealchain Platform

Unirealchain is the leading online cross-border trading real estate platform allowing investors to access a valuable and highly profitable property.

Unirealchain Ecosystem

Unirealchain’s ecosystem will offer investors with a comprehensive set of services. The platform is intended to bring together investors and project owners to purchase and sell and the purpose of long-term benefit and profit-sharing. Investors provide dividends to other investors, and investors commit cash to projects, resulting in a win-win situation for all sides.

  • All token sales transactions for each project are conducted using smart contracts
  • In each host nation, any project which is to be included in the UnirealEx exchange must go through the evaluation step and guarantee compliance with the regulations.
  • Unirealchain will digitize and publish hundreds of more projects in the future, including major projects and minor projects such as personal real estate, apartments, and land parcels that may be published and traded on UnirealEx…
  • Staking — store coins to earn interest right on UnirealWallet.
  • NFT Real Estate Market — Real estate transactions such as NFT items.
  • Lending — Mortgage of crypto assets to borrow at preferential interest rates.
  • Payment at Unirealchain’s transaction points.
  • Buy and sell right on UnirealWallet.
  • Full owner information and price history
  • Legal and safe
  • Only the information required will be published openly on the Uniportal platform. The remaining sensitive information shall be made private to preserve the owner’s security and confidentiality
  • During the first two years, Uniportal will focus on perfecting the system and collecting real estate data. After that, users can use the service completely free of charge. Once all the data is complete and the connection to the government real estate portals is finalized, Uniportal will consider charging users later.

Token UNR

Unirealchain’s heart is UNR. The UNR token is a factor that helps develop the size and value of the ecosystem and an effective investment method for all customers with different financial resources.

  • Early information about upcoming projects.
  • Priority purchasing to buy, compared with ordinary investors.
  • Incentive to buy real estate based on the total number of tokens held. (e.g. Shareholder has 1000 UNR. The shareholder will receive a 0.1% discount compared to those holding 100 UNR).

Unirealchain — Digitization, fractionalizing and investment real estate on blockchain platform. Purchase real estate on the NFT marketplace legally Globally