What is UNR and How to Profit on the Unirealchain Platform?

Are you interested in real estate investment? Let’s learn about Unirealchain and how to profit on the Unirealchain Platform.

What is Unirealchain?

Unirealchain is the solution provider for today’s new real estate investors. Based on blockchain technology, Unirealchain (UNR) is the digitizing and fractionalizing of real estate investment projects.

Unirealchain’s mission is to remove barriers and facilitate a safe, transparent, and reliable environment for global investors.

It is well understood that the traditional approach to real estate investment has only been available for investors with substantial financial cash flow. For investors with minimal capital, the opportunity to access appealing and profitable real estate was nearly impossible. This is what inspired the inception of Unirealchain.

Thanks to the digitization of assets on the blockchain platform, buying and selling real estate has become much more easily accessible than it ever has before. All legal and regulatory obstacles investors once faced when investing in global projects have been completely removed. Unirealchain delivers solutions for the real estate investment market, where traditional real estate has failed in the past.

Not only is Unirealchain a platform for today’s new investors, but it also provides a crowdfunding service for project investors or initiators. Crowdfunding aims to raise capital for projects quickly and without complication. Unirealchain is committed to providing this with minimal costs and the exclusion of cumbersome procedures.

Unirealchain Ecosystem

  • UnirealEx Exchange: A pioneering exchange that combines cryptocurrency trading with real estate investment. On UnirealEx, in addition to investing in real estate, users can also buy, sell, and trade between other digital currency pairs, as well as project tokens. UnirealEx is also a platform to help project owners raise capital effectively.
  • UnirealSwap: The platform combines DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Users can trade real estate NFTs, swap tokens with high liquidity, and stake token pairs to receive up to 100% in annual interest.

Types of Tokens

UNR — Unirealchain proprietary token.

NFT — Token representing a share of the project.

  • Each project will issue tokens representing shares of the project.

UNRS — Stabilizing token based on the price of the USD

  • UNRS is a secure asset during considerable market volatility.

How to Profit on the Unirealchain Platform

With investment participation on Unirealchain’s platform, investor profits are diversified with many sources:

  • Staking: Customers can use UNR to stake and receive rewards on the UnirealSwap platform. The more transactions processed, the higher the liquidity, the higher the profit from staking.

UNR is listed on XT, Hotbit, PancakeSwap, and Coinsbit. UNR relies on CertiK for auditing.

Buy UNR and Profit on the Unirealchain Ecosystem

Unirealchain’s Ecosystem aims to bring traditional real estate investing into the modern era by simplifying the process and removing barriers. Unirealchain is leading in the new era of real estate investment. The Unirealchain Era!

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Unirealchain — Digitization, fractionalizing and investment real estate on blockchain platform. Purchase real estate on the NFT marketplace legally Globally

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Unirealchain — Digitization, fractionalizing and investment real estate on blockchain platform. Purchase real estate on the NFT marketplace legally Globally