Unirealchain — The Most Efficient Solution in Real Estate

Unirealchain is represented on the Binance Smart Chain platform for the issuance of NFTs tokens for portioning of real estate assets, making real estate investing more accessible than ever.

With Unirealchain, investors can buy a real estate asset with the capital of US $100. Investors will have access to high-value, highly profitable real estate products. Access to high-valued and highly profitable real estate products were once only available to investors with substantial financial capital.

Unirealchain, NFT, and Digital Real Estate

Tokenization of an asset increases the security of that asset and expands its trade to the global investing market. Each project on Unirealchain will issue a token corresponding to the project’s shares. People can invest in that project by buying tokens representing that real estate project. This token allows the buyer to own a certain percentage of the real estate project, corresponding to the amount they have invested.

Real estate transactions are of great value and demand considerable attention. These transactions are time consuming, involve numerous fees and costs, and there is plenty of paperwork to complete. This can create liquidity and transparency issues within the real estate market. The use of blockchain technology is a game changer: digitizing transactions reduces time and costs while increasing transparency and safety. Unirealchain is a pioneering force in updating and mainstreaming the challenges of the traditional real estate market.

All transactions are made through a smart contract and saved to the blockchain. Project owners and investors alike can save time and reduce fees and costs associated with transactions.

Unlike the traditional real estate market, investors can buy and sell on UnirealEx throughout the day and night (24/7) with many projects of high liquidity.

Each approved project by companies and real estate owners can sign digital contracts to create NFTs representing transactions: hotel or resort stays; purchases high-end apartments, commercial complexes, even hotel and resort stays, then trade them through UnirealEX security exchange.

Investors will be able to store and manage their real estate assets in the Unirealchain blockchain wallet and verify the ownership, uniqueness, origin, and authenticity of the NFT through the portal — Unirealchain’s UnirealPortal real estate.

How to Invest Real Estate on UnirealEx Exchange

You can invest in luxury resorts anywhere in the world with a minimum investment of US $100.

For UnirealEx, the investment process is simple, fast, and straightforward. Investors follow these steps:

  • Register and verify requisite account and personal information on UnirealEx: KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering)

Profit from real estate investment on Unirealchain’s platform driven by two sources: real estate price increase and leasing. When investors want to divest, they can liquidate on UnirealEx, UnirealSwap, or sell directly to Unirealchain. Unirealchain is committed to redeeming the project’s tokens after one year from the start date of the investment.

The Unirealchain Ecosystem

UnirealEx Exchange: Pioneering technology that combines crypto trading with real estate investment. On UnirealEx, in addition to investing in real estate, users can also buy, sell, and trade. Transactions between other cryptocurrency pairs, as well as project tokens are performed on UnirealEx. UnirealEx is a platform that is also tasked with helping project owners effectively raise capital.

UnirealWallet: Not only designated for storing UNR, UnirealWallet is utilized for storing tokens of real estate projects and digital coins: BTC; ETH; BNB; Token ERC20; and TRC20. UnirealWallet will be the source of payments at all points of transaction.

UnirealSwap: A platform that combines DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and NFT, where users can trade real estate NFTs, Swap tokens with high liquidity, and stake token pairs to receive interest of up to 100% annually.

UnirealPortal: Investors can easily search for and have access to detailed financial and legal information, which includes historical pricing and the nation’s current appraisal of the asset.

Contact Us

Website: https://unirealchain.com/

Email: contact@unirealchain.com

Telegram: https://t.me/unirealchaingroup



Unirealchain — Digitization, fractionalizing and investment real estate on blockchain platform. Purchase real estate on the NFT marketplace legally Globally

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Unirealchain — Digitization, fractionalizing and investment real estate on blockchain platform. Purchase real estate on the NFT marketplace legally Globally