Unirealchain: Real Estate Tokenization on Binance Smart Chain

Unirealchain uses the Binance Smart Chain platform to tokenize real estate assets. This is done to fractionalize investment portfolios, increasing asset liquidity and removing any barriers to worldwide investment.

Binance Smart Chain Blockchain Platform

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is an advanced platform for the blockchain. BSC will provide users with smart contracts and will be compatible with Ethereum through the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

BSC uses the Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) algorithm, which is a hybrid model of Proof of Authority and Proof of Stake.

BSC advantages:

  • As an independent blockchain, BSC brings safety and security to all users and developers.
  • Short block generation time and low transaction costs will help new users convert assets faster than ever before.
  • Integration of 2 blockchains allows cross-chain communication and scaling for high-yield DApps, for a faster and smoother operation.
  • Smart chain’s on-chain governance through PoS consensus mechanism that combines with 21 transaction validators. This is done to maintain decentralization and promote decision-making amongst the user community.

Unirealchain Real Estate Tokenization Project

Unirealchain is the leading online global real estate trading platform that allows investors to access attractive real estate that has great potential for profit.

Unirealchain uses the BSC blockchain platform to tokenize real estate, fractionalize investment portfolios, increase asset liquidity, and remove any barriers related to global investment.

With the help of blockchain technology, assets can be tokenized and transferred effortlessly between investors. By tokenizing real estate, investors can buy and sell shares of the investment more efficiently, and they can also simply buy small portions of real estate assets. In other words, the initial capital requirement for real estate investment has been greatly minimized.

All Unirealchain trading is performed with smart contracts and saved to the blockchain. Based on the blockchain platform, the transaction is legally completed with the verification of digital signatures. Users can be assured of no interference from a third party. Blockchain technology will guarantee publicity, transparency, and security.

Unirealchain has created a new way of raising capital for real estate project investors to access new and exciting passive income opportunities. Unirealchain helps implement projects faster and easier, removing obstacles in the project development process.

To invest in Unirealchain, investors need only to do the following:

  • Register and verify account and personal information on UnirealEx
  • Deposit UNR onto the UnirealEx platform
  • Choose the project listed on the UnirealEx that has been evaluated by the Unirealchain team
  • Select the number of tokens you wish to purchase
  • Investors will receive profits from the project while still locking tokens in the UnirealWallet. Profit payment is distributed fully and automatically at the end of the fiscal year with UNRS tokens. UNRS, Unirealchain’s price stabilization token is fixed at a value of US $1. The minimum profit that Unirealchain plans to share with investors is 5% annually.

Profit from real estate investment on Unirealchain’s platform is driven by two sources: real estate price increase and leasing. Unirealchain’s team will receive profits, on behalf of investors, when the project achieves its projected and targeted gains. For commercial and rental properties, investors will enjoy dividends based on rental profits. Profit will be calculated based on the total number of tokens or the total number of shares the investor is currently holding. These profits are distributed annually to investors.

When investors want to disinvest, they can liquidate through UnirealEx, UnirealSwap, or sell them directly to Unirealchain. Unirealchain is committed to buying back the project tokens one year after the investor registered with Unirealchain.

UNR and Other Tokens of Unirealchain

UNR — The heart of the Unirealchain Ecosystem

  • Investing: When a user holds UNR tokens, they can invest in projects with preferential pricing, expedited information, and prioritized buying, compared with regular investors.
  • Staking: customers can use UNR to stake and receive rewards on the UnirealSwap platform.
  • Service payment: With participating hotels, resorts, restaurants, and retail outlets accepting cryptocurrency for payment, customers can use UNR to pay for hotel stays and vacation rentals, dining, entertainment services, and shopping.
  • Transaction fees: Customers are required to pay transaction execution fees and platform coin transfer fees.

Each asset or project is represented with a token

  • Each participating project will issue a token corresponding to its share
  • The more token investors buy, the greater the portion of the project’s share value they hold.

Token UNRS — Stabilizing token with a fixed value of US $1.

  • Securing currency to shelter assets to avoid market fluctuations
  • UNR holders receive gains and dividends annually

Unirealchain ecosystem:

  • UnirealEx — Investment and trading real estate platform
  • UnirealWallet — Digital wallet for storing coins and tokens
  • UnirealSwap — Integration of Defi and NFT platforms
  • UnirealPortal — A continually updated resource for listed real estate properties and projects available for investment.

Contact Us

• Website: https://unirealchain.com/

• Telegram: https://t.me/unirealchaingroup

• Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKGOLiPt7SYIlvSf_cLmB-w

• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unirealchain/

• Github: https://github.com/Unirealchaindev

• Twitter: https://twitter.com/unirealchain

• Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/unirealchain-official

Unirealchain — Digitization, fractionalizing and investment real estate on blockchain platform. Purchase real estate on the NFT marketplace legally Globally