Unirealchain Is Live. Opportunity to participate in Unirealchain’s Private Sale

On 20th October 2021, strategic investors can buy UNR Token in the Unirealchain’s Private Sale at a discount of up to 30%.

Last September, Unirealchain successfully completed the UNR Token Pre-sale program with the participation of many investors. To prepare for the development and launch of products in the ecosystem as well as open up investment opportunities for strategic investors, Unirealchain officially launched the Private Sale program on 20th October.

What is Unirealchain?

Unirealchain — UNR is the leading online cross-border real estate trading platform that gives investors access to valuable, highly profitable properties. Capturing the powerful potential of Blockchain technology, Unirealchain will bring innovative breakthrough solutions in the field of real estate business and financial investment.

Each project on Unirealchain will be tokenized as an NFT digital asset and issued a token corresponding to the project’s shares, which users can invest in by buying tokens representing that asset. This token allows the buyer to own a certain portion of the type of real estate corresponding to the amount of money they spent on buying the token. Investors with a limited amount of capital will have the opportunity to access and invest in appealing assets with considerable profit potential.

Unirealchain Ecosystem

  • UnirealEx: A pioneering exchange that combines cryptocurrency trading with real estate investment. In addition to investing in real estate, users can also buy, sell, and trade between other cryptocurrency pairs, as well as project tokens. UnirealEx is also a platform to help project owners raise capital effectively.

Unirealchain is in the process of building and completing the UnirealSwap platform Beta version, which will be released to the community in Q4 of this year. The official version of UnirealSwap and UnirealWallet is expected to launch in Q1 2022. The remaining products in the Unirealchain ecosystem, including UnirealEx and UnirealPortal, will be launched in 2022 and 2023 respectively.

Investors’ benefits when owning UNR Token

Not only “buy and own”, participating in the Unirealchain ecosystem will bring many rewards to the community. When owning UNR Token, investors will hold the following benefits:

  • Invest: investors have an investment advantage when they hold UNR. UNR holders are privy to investment opportunities in advance, compared with other users. Getting information earlier about upcoming projects and having access to preferential pricing draws appeal to holding UNR.

UNR’s Upside Potential

When investors join Unirealchain, they do so with the perspective of success for the projects listed and the potential for a considerable increase in value based on the following factors:

  • Stimulating demand to buy UNR: Unirealchain will continuously look for real estate projects and bring potential investment opportunities to the community.
  • Staking on UnirealSwap: Unirealchain team will implement appropriate strategies to increase liquidity on the exchange and attract more users.

Unirealchain always invests carefully and tries to minimize risks. This is even more evident when Unirealchain has been audited by CertiK, ensuring that every product, process, and activity is properly and safely implemented.

Private Sale UNR Information

On 20th October 2021, the Private Sale of Unirealchain has been started, and it will last until 20th December 2021. In this period, everybody will be able to purchase tokens with a 30% discount, from a minimum of allowed purchase of 500,000 UNR tokens (5000$) to a maximum of 500,000 UNR tokens (100,000$).

Token information during Private Sale:

- Total: 500,000,000

- Discount price: $0.01/UNR (30% off from $0.015/UNR)

- Minimum purchase: 500,000 UNR

- Maximum purchase: 10,000,000 UNR

- Vesting: Unlock 30% after finish sale, unlock 30% after 3 months, unlock 40% remaining after 3 months.

To register and become a strategic investor of Unirealchain, please contact: contact@unirealchain.com

Note: During the Private Sale, all agreements will be private.

Currently, UNR Token has been officially listed on Coinsbit, HotBit, and XT. The community was also able to look up Unirealchain and UNR Token information on CoinGecko.

Unirealchain and its ecosystem are poised to open a vast, new world for investors. By creating one of the most favorable investment environments and making it available for everyone, Unirealchain seeks to offer opportunities that will reach investors worldwide.

Detail information of the Private sale will soon be announced. Stay tuned!

Follow us:

Website: https://unirealchain.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/unirealchain

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/unirealchain-official

Telegram Chanel: https://t.me/unirealchaincompany

Telegram Group: https://t.me/unirealchaingroup

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unirealchain/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKGOLiPt7SYIlvSf_cLmB-w



Unirealchain — Digitization, fractionalizing and investment real estate on blockchain platform. Purchase real estate on the NFT marketplace legally Globally

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Unirealchain — Digitization, fractionalizing and investment real estate on blockchain platform. Purchase real estate on the NFT marketplace legally Globally