Unirealchain is Live: Hundreds of People are already Taking Part in The Pre-sale

On the 10th of September, the pre-sale of Unirealchain has opened the gates to the already tens of thousands of members of Unirealchain’s Community.
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Unirealchain is a revolutionary project that aims to lower the thresholds for retail real estate investors through the digitization and fractionalization of real estate properties.
So, why is this moment so important for Unirealchain Team and for investors?
Pre-sale is a key moment for investors to take part in the project, joining the Advisory Board and the Team members being the first people holding the UNR tokens.

Tokens during pre-sale are available with a 15% of discount, so instead of the listing price of 0.01$ per UNR tokens, until the 26th of September, UNR tokens will be available at 0.0085$.
And more than 35 thousands of people have already joined the Official Telegram Group, so they are way ahead, staying updated on news.

What are the numbers achieved from the pre-sale so far?

More than 200 people have already bought the UNR token through the presale, but the number is increasing day by day.

As of now, most parts of the buyers come from Vietnam, where the Founding team has strong connections. So, many of them may be part of their previous entrepreneurial network, increasing credibility and proving that Team Members have very strong track records there.

Besides, taking part in the pre-sale will give you the chance to affiliate more people, with a 3% bonus on the purchases made from your affiliates, immediately paid in tokens.

Why are we pushing so hard on this pre-sale?

Two listings on relevant exchanges have already been announced: on the 30th of September, Unirealchain Token (UNR) will be listed on Coinsbit and Hotbit. The same day, trading will be available on both exchanges.

On both Hotbit and Coinsbit, the starting trading pairs will be UNR/BTC and UNR/USDT.

To join the presale, hurry up: a few days are left. Come and join us at https://sale.unirealchain.com/auth/register/UNR2009795979
You can still buy discounted tokens!

In this phase, there is no cap to the purchasable amount of tokens. UNR is a token on the Binance Smart Chain. You will be able to purchase UNR with Ethereum, Binance Coin, and the Binance United States Dollar (BUSD).

What should you expect from buying the UNR token?

Well, we are serious people and real entrepreneurs. We are not promising price skyrocketing or that you will be able to catch the rainbow: we are here to speak about the reality and about what we are sure will really happen.

The UNR token will give the buyers the chance to:
- trade the token along with other project tokens
- keeping the UNR token as a form of speculation for a potential increase in price
- Stake UNR tokens, getting rewards, and having voting power
- Pay for services, like purchasing portions of real estate projects
- Pay for transaction fees, that will be reduced if paid with UNR tokens

You now understand that purchasing the token is not just a way of “buy&hope”, waiting for its price to increase.
Taking part in this presale is a “buy&join”: entering the Unirealchain ecosystem will allow taking part in several and different rewards.

And who is certifying all this?

Well, Certik has made an audit on the Unirealchain project, assuring that everything has been carried out in the proper way, and the tech infrastructure is really solid and operating.

Besides, Unirealchain can already count on the official partnership with Hamubay, a leading firm into vacation resorts deployment, that will be among the first to be able to take advantage of the tokenization process provided by Unirealchain.

And who is already talking about Unirealchain and its presale?

Unirealchain has been featured on:
Cointelegraph, Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, CryptoReporter, CryptoTrendings, and many other crypto journals.
Check www.unirealchain.com to check all the articles written on this topic.

Why the price of the token may increase?

The price of a token will always be a matter of offer and demand. Taking part into projects will require investors to use UNR tokens to take part in real estate projects. So, every time a new project will be listed on the Unirealchain platform, the demand for UNR tokens will increase, so the price will. Dividends will be paid in UNRS (Unirealchain Stablecoin). Dividends will be liquidated in other cryptocurrencies or in fiat currencies.

But, what about creating a passive income with into real estate, keeping the amount of UNR staked or locked in a project to liquidate only dividends? And what about reinvesting UNR tokens in another real estate projects following the first one?
Don’t you see that the demand of UNR tokens will be higher than the offer?

We are sure that you really do not want to miss this opportunity!

Come and join us here https://sale.unirealchain.com
A video with instructions on how to buy tokens can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGFiwmMPuy4

The pre-sale is going to close soon!

Unirealchain — Digitization, fractionalizing and investment real estate on blockchain platform. Purchase real estate on the NFT marketplace legally Globally