Unirealchain: Changing the Mindset about Investing

4 min readSep 27, 2021


As a technology platform for real estate joint purchase, Unirealchain was established to bring a new investment method for real estate investing.

For so long, people have had the mindset of being bound by limitations. Limitations are meant to be exceeded. Today’s technology has afforded us a life that earlier generations couldn’t have even imagined. Ingenuity was needed to get a man to the moon. Ingenuity was needed to create the modern technologies that we use throughout our daily lives. Ingenuity has been called upon again. A new approach to investing was needed to reach the ever-growing number of people wishing to diversify their portfolios. A new mindset was needed for real estate investing Unirealchain is leading the way to prove that we can achieve this new mindset. Unirealchain believes everyone can become an investor with a minimum amount of capital.

Unirealchain: Joint Purchase Platform for Real Estate Investment in the Modern Era

Unirealchain is the real estate investment and joint purchase platform owned by the Unirealchain Company (Unirealchain Pte. Ltd). The Unirealchain Company was established in Singapore. Soon after, branch offices were opened in Vietnam; in Ho Chi Minh City, and in Hanoi. The Unirealchain team is made up of industry-leading experts who have many years of experience in the fields of real estate, finance, and IT.

Unirealchain has built an intermediary platform connecting real estate owners and investors. The targeted customer segment is young professional individuals eager to invest with a minimum of US $100. Investors can contribute to joint real estate projects depending on their financial budget.

All Unirealchain transactions are executed with the use of smart contracts and saved to the blockchain. The completion of transactions is also facilitated on the blockchain platform. All contracts are digitally signed to ensure legitimacy. Users will be assured that all transactions are free from third-party interference. With the use of blockchain technology, Unirealchain will ensure publicity of the market, transparency of transactions, and the integrity of information.

Unirealchain brings a new method of investing in real estate to everyone. For customers, instead of needing a significant amount of money to invest in real estate, through Unirealchain, investors with minimum l capital can now also invest. Real estate projects are evaluated and selected by our team of experts, ensuring factors such as legitimacy, reputation, and profit potential. This evaluation is done to assure our customers when contributing capital in joint investments with Unirealchain.

Unirealchain creates a new way of raising capital in the real estate market. This helps investors access new capital sources to implement projects faster and easier, removing bottlenecks in the process of developing real estate projects.

Unirealchain strives to create a future that makes real estate investing achievable for everyone.

Unirealchain: A Better Choice for Investors

The innovation of Unirealchain will bring great opportunities for people in the real estate market. Grab and Uber, for example, are innovative companies that have brought new opportunities to the passenger and parcel transport industry. Airbnb, an online portal for lodging, homestays, and vacation rentals, has brought a wealth of new opportunities to the tourism industry.

Unirealchain’s innovative solutions utilize blockchain technology to solve the challenges that exist with the traditional real estate industry.

  • Real estate investment with minimum capital: For traditional real estate, having a minimum amount of capital makes investing nearly impossible. In contrast, Unirealchain allows investors with a limited budget to easily own a high-end apartment or beachfront villa. This asset will be shared by several owners. With the digitizing and fractionalizing of assets, you will be able to own many, appealing real estate properties in many countries, in various parts of the world.
  • Legitimacy and profit potential: Before being listed on Unirealchain, each project is scrutinized for legitimacy. In every country where projects are being offered, Unirealchain reviews and verifies current, legal ownership. The project is also evaluated carefully to guarantee a forecast for profit potential.
  • Low fees and fast transaction: On Unirealchain, all buy and sell transactions are implemented around the clock (24/7) on the UnirealEx Exchange. These transactions are completed instantly and with a low fee of only 0.1%. Unirealchain has cut out intermediaries (third parties) from the transaction process. Time and money are saved by bypassing intermediaries and cutting out complicated procedures, while still ensuring absolute transparency for investors.
  • Digital signature: Unirealchain’s digital signatures are implemented to complete contracts between sellers and buyers for a safe, swift, and legal process.
  • Publicity and transparency: All trading is implemented through smart contracts and saved to the blockchain in order to guarantee publicity, transparency, and security.

The Unirealchain technology platform will fractionalize real estate projects into smaller investment portions in order to bring great investment opportunities to everyone interested, especially young professionals who have a stable means of income and budget their earnings efficiently. Unirealchain has created a great tool for the real estate market, motivating customers to find and navigate towards safe, flexible, and convenient new investment opportunities with attractive profits.

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