#Invest and Earn with Unirealchain

  • Register and verify requisite account and personal information on UnirealEx: KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering).
  • Deposit UNR onto the UnirealEx platform.
  • Check projects open for investment and create awareness of what is available.
  • Choose projects listed on the NFT real estate marketplace and select the number of tokens you wish to purchase.
  • Receive dividends and gains from the project while still locking tokens in UnirealWallet. Gain payment is completely automatic at the end of the fiscal year by means of UNRS tokens. Unirealchain’s price stabilization token always maintains a fixed value at US $1. The minimum gain shared with investors, guaranteed by Unirealchain, is 5% annually.
  • Staking: Customers can use UNR to steak and receive rewards on the UnirealSwap platform. The more transactions, the higher the liquidity, the higher the profit from staking.
  • Investment — Asset Appreciation: Investors will receive profits on Unirealchain’s platform when the project achieves forecasted profits. Investors profits and enjoy dividends from rental profits.
  • Trading: Customers can unlock tokens and transfer them to trading wallets to trade between other cryptocurrency pairs and project tokens.
  • Real Estate Investment with Low Capital: In traditional real estate, investors with a small capital fail to invest. With Unireachain, it is straightforward to be a sole owner or co-owner of a luxury apartment or beachfront villa with flexible capital.. Investors can own different properties in different countries depending on the portion of their investments.
  • Legally Sound and Good Growth Potential: Before being listed on Unirealchain, all projects have been carefully evaluated by Unirealchain’s team of experts to ensure compliance with the laws in each host country.
  • Low Costs and Fast Transactions: With Unirealchain, transactions are made on the UnirealEx Exchange around the clock — 24/7. Therefore, the transaction is completed instantly . The transaction fee is only 0.1%. Intermediaries such as brokers (third parties) are no longer needed. . Time and money are saved by bypassing intermediaries and eliminating complicated procedures.
  • Digital Signature: The contract between the buyer and seller will be executed quickly, securely, and legally using digital signatures provided by Unirealchain.
  • Publicity and Transparency: All project purchases are made through smart contracts and saved on a secure blockchain ledger to ensure publicity, transparency, and confidentiality.



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Unirealchain — Digitization, fractionalizing and investment real estate on blockchain platform. Purchase real estate on the NFT marketplace legally Globally