Five Reasons Why Unirealchain Is An Excellent Real Estate Investment Platform

  • Real Estate Investment with Low Capital: With a small capital, traditional real estate investment seems impossible. With Unireachain, it is straightforward to be the owner of a luxury apartment or seaside villa with flexible capital (of course, some other co-owners besides you). You can own different properties in different countries when you split your investments.
  • Sound and Legal Real Estate Potential: Each project must undergo due diligence to ensure compliance with the laws in each host country before listing with Unirealchain. In addition, Unirealchain’s experts with high experience assist with making careful decisions to ensure the safety of capital and profits for investors.
  • Low costs and Fast Transactions: At Unirealchain, all purchases are made on the UnirealEx exchange 24/7. Therefore, the transaction is completed almost immediately, and the transaction fee is only 0.1%. On the other hand, intermediaries such as brokers will be cut. Costs and time are saved by bypassing intermediaries and cutting out complicated procedures while ensuring absolute transparency for investors.
  • Digital Signature: The contract between the seller and the buyer will be executed quickly, securely, and legally by using the digital signature provided by Unirealchain.
  • Publicity and Transparency: All project purchases are made through Smart Contract and saved to the blockchain. This will ensure publicity, transparency, and confidentiality.

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