On 20th October 2021, strategic investors can buy UNR Token in the Unirealchain’s Private Sale at a discount of up to 30%.

Last September, Unirealchain successfully completed the UNR Token Pre-sale program with the participation of many investors. To prepare for the development and launch of products in the ecosystem…

Unirealchain uses the Binance Smart Chain platform to tokenize real estate assets. This is done to fractionalize investment portfolios, increasing asset liquidity and removing any barriers to worldwide investment.

Binance Smart Chain Blockchain Platform

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is an advanced platform for the blockchain. BSC will provide users with…

Unirealchain is the story about the tokenization of properties, fractionalization of investments, and digitalization of projects.

Check our last articles where you can find any information about how we use the Defi, the CeFi, how we have integrated NFTs in our processes, how and why we have integrated a Swap…

The coming forth of the mission of digitizing and simplifying investment activities, Unirealchain (UNR) — The pioneering platform to bring blockchain technology into real estate, creates a breakthrough in digital transformation.

Online investment activities have been booming in developed countries such as the US, UK, Japan to China, and Vietnam.

Unirealchain offers real estate investment solutions for people with limited capital. Investors can join investment in big real estate projects with a minimum of US $100.
Real estate is something that many people are interested in and expect good returns on. …

Hamubay — The first real estate project with an investment of up to trillion VNĐ in Vietnam that is encrypted based on a blockchain technology platform by Unirealchain.

What is Unirealchain?

Unirealchain LTE. LTD. company is founded in Singapore with a branch in Vietnam. With the ambition to digitalize the real estate investment…

Recently, Unirealchain has received many questions from interested investors. Most are questions concerning the notion of legitimacy. The team at Unirealchain discusses these concerns revolving around the legitimacy of asset ownership when using the UnirealEx Exchange in today’s article.

  1. How will Real Estate Trading on UnirealEx be Approved and Legally…

As a technology platform for real estate joint purchase, Unirealchain was established to bring a new investment method for real estate investing.

For so long, people have had the mindset of being bound by limitations. Limitations are meant to be exceeded. Today’s technology has afforded us a life that earlier…

On the 10th of September, the pre-sale of Unirealchain has opened the gates to the already tens of thousands of members of Unirealchain’s Community.
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Unirealchain is a revolutionary project…

Unirealchain (UNR) is the leading online cross-border real estate trading platform that gives investors access to desirable and valuable properties.

Blockchain’s benefit to the real estate industry has been immense. Verification of property ownership and confirmation of real estate transactions can be done securely, in seconds. This is especially important…


Unirealchain — Digitization, fractionalizing and investment real estate on blockchain platform. Purchase real estate on the NFT marketplace legally Globally

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